Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nuclear Power in Malaysia

Nuclear energy is a powerful source of energy, generated during a nuclear reaction, by change in the nucleus of an atom. The source of nuclear energy is the mass of the nucleus and energy generated during a nuclear reaction is due to conversion of mass into energy (Einstein's Theory). Therefore, I think we need nuclear power in Malaysia. We need to build nuclear power plant and replace the electricity that we generate by water with dam. There are many benefits we can gain through this nuclear power. For example are we can use it as our biggest military weapon. Besides that, we also can use it in replacing our electricity power. Finally, we also can use it in replacing our petroleum power by using nuclear power in the car engine.

           The nuclear power has many advantages like produces very less amount of pollution. Second, nuclear power also can be transport easy around the globe. Third, the quantity of nuclear waste produced is very small. Fourth, it is a very reliable source of energy. The average life span of a nuclear reactor is approximately 40 years which can be extended up to 60 years. Fifth, the nuclear power stations are usually very compact compared to thermal stations. Finally, although the initial capital cost of building a nuclear plant is high but the maintenance and the running costs are relatively low (Penna Sparrow, 2011).

            Therefore, I strongly recommended that Malaysia should start using nuclear power. They should build it in Sabah or Sarawak. It is because the nuclear plantation needs a big space to build. The population of people in Sabah and Sarawak also are not too many. We can use some of the wide-ranging land over there for our nuclear plantation. This nuclear power also will give us many benefits. We can use the nuclear power to make our own nuclear weapon such as nuclear missile. This will be the strength of our country. We will be the same power military level with United State of America (USA), Russia, Iran, North Korea, and many more. We will gain respect and be feared by other country. They will not try to mess with us ever again.

            Other than that, we also use the nuclear power in car by replacing petroleum power. The car will have more power thrust in its engine. It also will be environment friendly because the car will not have excessive smoke come out of it. The nuclear fuel of the will last longer. If the car had involved in any kind of accidents, the nuclear radioactive fuel will not leak easily. It is because we had made a special container that will contain the nuclear fuel firmly no matter what happen to it.

Moreover, we also can replace our electricity dam to nuclear electricity. This will increase the productivity if electric. This also will make electricity in Malaysia more stable. This wills decrease the blackout cases in Malaysia. There will be no blackout anymore. We also can supply more electricity throughout state in Malaysia with more efficient and precise. The rural area also will not have problem of short of electricity anymore. In conclusion, Malaysia needs to have nuclear power for our own interest and purpose. It also help the country in many ways such as being recognize by other country and achieving our goal in being a develop country. The nuclear power will help us in strength our own military fore and become a fearsome country throughout Asia.