Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Kudos to the public who responded to a woman's call for help and helped apprehend the robber.

Date: 12 June 2013, Time: 3pm
Location: Islamic Bank at Dataran Cendekiawan UiTM Shah Alam

A robbery attempt was apprehended and beaten up by the public after he tried to force a woman to surrender her valuables with a knife yesterday.

The incident happened around 3pm at the Islamic Bank near Dataran Cendekiawan UiTM when a 22-year-old woman felt a knife being pressed against her back as she was about to withdraw her money.

The victim, Neily Syafiqah Mohamed Eusoff told the police officer that the suspect demanded for her belongings and money, but she had to put up a fight and was able to apprehend the suspect with the assistance of several pedestrian who had responded to her shouts for help.

The 25-year-old suspect was given a dose of street justice by those at the scene before he was handed over to the police, who brought him to the Klang General Hospital for treatment before detaining him in the lock up pending further investigation.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nuclear Power in Malaysia

Nuclear energy is a powerful source of energy, generated during a nuclear reaction, by change in the nucleus of an atom. The source of nuclear energy is the mass of the nucleus and energy generated during a nuclear reaction is due to conversion of mass into energy (Einstein's Theory). Therefore, I think we need nuclear power in Malaysia. We need to build nuclear power plant and replace the electricity that we generate by water with dam. There are many benefits we can gain through this nuclear power. For example are we can use it as our biggest military weapon. Besides that, we also can use it in replacing our electricity power. Finally, we also can use it in replacing our petroleum power by using nuclear power in the car engine.

           The nuclear power has many advantages like produces very less amount of pollution. Second, nuclear power also can be transport easy around the globe. Third, the quantity of nuclear waste produced is very small. Fourth, it is a very reliable source of energy. The average life span of a nuclear reactor is approximately 40 years which can be extended up to 60 years. Fifth, the nuclear power stations are usually very compact compared to thermal stations. Finally, although the initial capital cost of building a nuclear plant is high but the maintenance and the running costs are relatively low (Penna Sparrow, 2011).

            Therefore, I strongly recommended that Malaysia should start using nuclear power. They should build it in Sabah or Sarawak. It is because the nuclear plantation needs a big space to build. The population of people in Sabah and Sarawak also are not too many. We can use some of the wide-ranging land over there for our nuclear plantation. This nuclear power also will give us many benefits. We can use the nuclear power to make our own nuclear weapon such as nuclear missile. This will be the strength of our country. We will be the same power military level with United State of America (USA), Russia, Iran, North Korea, and many more. We will gain respect and be feared by other country. They will not try to mess with us ever again.

            Other than that, we also use the nuclear power in car by replacing petroleum power. The car will have more power thrust in its engine. It also will be environment friendly because the car will not have excessive smoke come out of it. The nuclear fuel of the will last longer. If the car had involved in any kind of accidents, the nuclear radioactive fuel will not leak easily. It is because we had made a special container that will contain the nuclear fuel firmly no matter what happen to it.

Moreover, we also can replace our electricity dam to nuclear electricity. This will increase the productivity if electric. This also will make electricity in Malaysia more stable. This wills decrease the blackout cases in Malaysia. There will be no blackout anymore. We also can supply more electricity throughout state in Malaysia with more efficient and precise. The rural area also will not have problem of short of electricity anymore. In conclusion, Malaysia needs to have nuclear power for our own interest and purpose. It also help the country in many ways such as being recognize by other country and achieving our goal in being a develop country. The nuclear power will help us in strength our own military fore and become a fearsome country throughout Asia.  

Monday, 29 April 2013


I read an article about "Balkanisasi Siber: Gangguan Kepada Semangat 1Malaysia" that been written by Dr. Rahmat Ghazali. The article is from his blog called Suara Murba. It is a very interesting article and it caught my attention while I am reading it. This article is about people that tend to be aggressive towards each other when they are not in the same opinion or ideology. They created a certain group according to their desire or believe. For example are football fans. The Manchester United fans do not like the Liverpool fans. They will hates each other because of their different believe and perspective. Each of the football fans will defends their own football team because they were very fanatic with their own football. They will not tolerate of the other team look down on their team.

The writer said that the freedom of internet use is the cause of the segregation among ethnic in Malaysia. The society should not been able to use the internet freely. It is because in the internet world not all that been provided in there are informative and truthful. Sometimes, other people could edit it or rewrite the information and it will create an insult towards other people. Other than that, this will create hatred that will destroy the unity among ethnic in Malaysia. Therefore, the government should take drastic action towards the internet use in Malaysia. The government could create another rule or act to overcome this situation. The parents also should play an important role in monitoring their children on the internet. The parents could block the necessary website that will bring harm to their children minds such as pornography or political issues.

Furthermore, the writer suggests that we must not be bias in reading or watching about political issues. We must read both parties to understand and to know whether to believe it or not. The society must not be one sided reader. The example that the reader provided are the Harakah and Suara Keadilan newspaper. The writer said that the newspaper contain only about political issues. Some of the issues are reflect badly towards the government. This will corrupt the society mind about the government and they will hate the government. So, the society must be professional in believing this ideology or opinion. The society must do a research and investigate about these political issues. They must not believe it entirely on the both side of the parties. They must be neutral when this kind of political issues appears.

In conclusion, the writer also point out that the society must not be too obsessive about certain group or parties. This action will lead to racial among ethnic in Malaysia. This will bring harm to Malaysian harmony and peace. Consequently, the society must not be racist towards each other. They must help each other no matter skin color, religious and believe they hold. This will establish unity among ethnic in Malaysia. This also will make Malaysia become a develop country because of the unity among multi-racial people in Malaysia. The other ethnic also will respect other ethnic religion and believe. The bond among these Malaysian will not break easily and will stay strong for a long time. This is because we hold on one objective that is to make Malaysia recognize as an develop and peaceful country.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Absolute Freedom of the New Media Would Bring Harm to Social Harmony

New Media is the forms of communicating in the digital world. It is something that we publish or read in the Internet. The user must obtain desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets to communicate with other people. Every company in the developed world is involved with new media. The concept that new methods of communicating in the digital world allow smaller groups of people to congregate online meeting and share information, sell and swap goods or services. It also allows more people to have a voice in their community and in the world in general (M. Krishnasamy, 2012).

Nowadays, internet is one of the primary needs which cannot be separated from life. Generally, internet is able to give various benefits for all users start from the easiness to communicate to market your products or services. On internet you can expand your social network and business easily. Unfortunately, internet brings not only benefits or positive effects but also negative effects for users like pornography, cyber bullying, online fraud, or internet addiction.

Internet is the easiest media to get porn material. It is true because you can see many sites which provide pornographic pictures and videos for free. It might not a big deal if you are adult already but what if you have children and they access those sites. They will get free access to it and their mind will fill with the unnecessary information. This also will make the children addict to it. Therefore, it will lead to making actual sex with other people. Finally, abortion or baby dumping will happen due to the free excess of internet use. The parent also can blocking feature from the web browser so they can’t access bad sites easily.

Internet enables users to do cyber bullying to others especially through their social media accounts. There are many types of social network such as Facebook and Twitter. Usually the cyber bullying’s actors will insult and harass their victims by using ‘negative’ words. This can cause social conflicts which are able to harm many people. Sometimes, the cyber bullying will involve many sides of people. Some cyber bully will hack the other person account and do bad things to his social account. To prevent this problem you must not give your personal detail on your account.  You must only choose add or follow people who you know on your social media accounts.

Online fraud is usually about lying to other people regarding general knowledge and public awareness. For example is defamation. People can defame other person and making people hate him or her. The haters will do anything to make the people they hate look bad. Sometimes, they create fake social account of other people and write a chaos statement. Usually people are very well known such as artist or political people are been used and defame in the social network. The haters usually write in their blog and provide some editable picture as evidence. Some people are easily fooled by the deception created by the bad blogger.

In conclusion, the government should control the internet usage in Malaysia. It is because the internet could damage our future leader mind and they will also lack skill of leadership. Therefore, we must control the internet freedom. Just let knowledgeable information being shared not some random gossip. The people will use it as a tool in learning and educate people. This will brings a lot of benefit to our children and society.