Monday, 29 April 2013


I read an article about "Balkanisasi Siber: Gangguan Kepada Semangat 1Malaysia" that been written by Dr. Rahmat Ghazali. The article is from his blog called Suara Murba. It is a very interesting article and it caught my attention while I am reading it. This article is about people that tend to be aggressive towards each other when they are not in the same opinion or ideology. They created a certain group according to their desire or believe. For example are football fans. The Manchester United fans do not like the Liverpool fans. They will hates each other because of their different believe and perspective. Each of the football fans will defends their own football team because they were very fanatic with their own football. They will not tolerate of the other team look down on their team.

The writer said that the freedom of internet use is the cause of the segregation among ethnic in Malaysia. The society should not been able to use the internet freely. It is because in the internet world not all that been provided in there are informative and truthful. Sometimes, other people could edit it or rewrite the information and it will create an insult towards other people. Other than that, this will create hatred that will destroy the unity among ethnic in Malaysia. Therefore, the government should take drastic action towards the internet use in Malaysia. The government could create another rule or act to overcome this situation. The parents also should play an important role in monitoring their children on the internet. The parents could block the necessary website that will bring harm to their children minds such as pornography or political issues.

Furthermore, the writer suggests that we must not be bias in reading or watching about political issues. We must read both parties to understand and to know whether to believe it or not. The society must not be one sided reader. The example that the reader provided are the Harakah and Suara Keadilan newspaper. The writer said that the newspaper contain only about political issues. Some of the issues are reflect badly towards the government. This will corrupt the society mind about the government and they will hate the government. So, the society must be professional in believing this ideology or opinion. The society must do a research and investigate about these political issues. They must not believe it entirely on the both side of the parties. They must be neutral when this kind of political issues appears.

In conclusion, the writer also point out that the society must not be too obsessive about certain group or parties. This action will lead to racial among ethnic in Malaysia. This will bring harm to Malaysian harmony and peace. Consequently, the society must not be racist towards each other. They must help each other no matter skin color, religious and believe they hold. This will establish unity among ethnic in Malaysia. This also will make Malaysia become a develop country because of the unity among multi-racial people in Malaysia. The other ethnic also will respect other ethnic religion and believe. The bond among these Malaysian will not break easily and will stay strong for a long time. This is because we hold on one objective that is to make Malaysia recognize as an develop and peaceful country.

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